The invention provides mesoporous nanoparticles loaded within its pores with at least one loaded pharmaceutically active agent and at least one capping pharmaceutically active agent chemically coordinated with at least one ligand being boronic acid or derivative thereof on the surface of said pores; compositions comprising such mesoporous nanoparticles and uses there of.


The patent covers the unique mechanism of the unloading of composite chemotherapies in low pH and high lactate cells; furthermore it includes the use of targeting agents to increase the effectiveness of the platform.

Publication number WO2017149546 A1
Publication type Application
Application number PCT/IL2017/050269
Publication date Sep 8, 2017
Filing date Mar 2, 2017
Priority date Mar 3, 2016
Inventors Itamar Willner, Vered Heleg-Shabtai, Ruth Aizen, Sharon Etery, Natalie Enkin
Applicant Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd