DIG 790 structure has numerous advantages that result in an optimal treatment response.

The unique Docetaxel nanocomposite benefits from passive targeting to tumoral tissues by the enhanced permeability and retention effect (EPR).

The distinctive design allows high drug loading, with efficient targeted slow release to the malignant cells surroundings, thus preventing side effects and damage of the nonmalignant tissue.

DIG790 chemotherapeutic administration directly through the peritoneum allows effective targeting at high concentrations to the metastatic cells.

The silica carrier capped with the Cyclodextrin, assures that Docetaxel is released at the desired site, which means only when high concentrations of β-galactosidase are encountered in the malignant cells, thus preventing drug leakage before arrival to the tumor.

Once the cap is open the system allows a release of 50% of the Docetaxel at the site of action, with the 50% left to be released within the following weeks while the silica support is degraded. This results in a double peak concentration of the drug ensuring an efficient chemotherapeutic effect.